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Visiting Bruges: 5 things to do

Enjoy walking around the city

Bruges is really charming and the best way to explore the city and to find all the beautiful alleys and parks, picturesque roads and gardens is to walk. On your way you will see many cafes, coffee shops and souvenir stores. Don’t miss a chance to visit them.

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One day trip to Riga

If you are planning a trip to the Baltics, we recommend you to visit Riga, at least for one day. The capital of Latvia is really impressive. One day is not enough to explore the city, however, you will still have a chance to see the main highlights of the Latvian capital.

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Why you will surely fall in love with Strasbourg

Strasbourg is one of the well-known cities in France. It is alluring for tourists from different parts of the world. Today we will tell you why people always fall in love with this city.

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